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Managing International Relations

Analyze, understand and forecast the complexity of a changing world
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Politica, società e relazioni internazionali
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Da: 08/07/2020
A: 25/09/2020

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A complitely free online course

Why a MOOC on managing international relations?

A key challenge that students and professionals face is that of understanding the evolution of nowadays international relations. The world is more and more characterized by global, mutant, interconnected and complex relationships.

An "International Relations Manager" is someone who, by choice or necessity, deals with processes and dynamics such as:

  • Managing information flows, trying to acquire useful, proper and trustworthy knowledge about what is happening at global level;
  • Understanding political, economic and security dynamics and scenarios, such as the Libyan conflict, trade wars and how they can affect economic growth; the evolution in the Oil&Gas sector and the related geopolitical tensions, or the economic and political consequences generated by health crises like the one produced by the Coronavirus…;
  • Producing analyses and evaluations able to support decision-makers.

To be able to face the complexity and changes of the global context with mastery, it is necessary to have appropriate methodological tools and adequate skills.

The "Managing International Relations" program aims to provide a useful basis of knowledge and competence to better cope with analyzing, understanding and forecasting global relations and dynamics.
Take the chance to learn more by attending this intensive free edition.

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The program is designed for those who work internationally, both at an institutional and private level and who need to expand their knowledge of global dynamics and acquire useful operational skills in their work. Also students and young professionals can find a useful tool in this MOOC.

Key features

  • attendance available whenever you want and wherever you are
  • an eminent international and national faculty
  • a multidisciplinary approach, with focus on the latest worldwide events
  • a certificate of attendance released at the end of the course, to download on Open Education platform.
What happens in foreign Countries is likely to produce both opportunities and risks. You'll be aible thus to identify such opportunities and risks, trainig and knowledge in the fields ofinternational affairs.


In particular the course offers competences to:

  • Understand the key political, economic and security dynamics that are shaping the XXI Century;
  • Acquire a simple but efficient analytical methodology in order to describe, explain and forecast the complexity of global relations;
  • Find, select and gather proper information and data;
  • Produce and disseminate analytical products that could help decision-makers to make the right choices.


Introduction: XXI Century key Issues. How to navigate in the troubled waters of nowadays’ international relations

Course overview: Who is a manager in international relations?
"How to manage international relations’analysis: what do we need to cope with it"

Module 1: OSINT and data gathering: the strategic role of information and how to deal with it
title: "Managing information and analysis to think, develop and protect businesses activities"

Module 2: Actors, Interests, Resources: what I need to know to analyze events, dynamics, and trends in international relations
title: "How to understand and analyze a complex conflict: the case of Libya"

Module 3: The analyst: how to design, make and disseminate an analysis
title: "How to deal with multidimensional scenarios: the case of Oil&Gas dynamics"

Module 4: Geopolitical and Geo-economics scenarios: key elements and trends
title: "The future of the European Union: where will it go"

A final test, multiple choice, at the end of the whole course will complete your absorbed knowledge (illimitate attempts).


Mark William Lowe worked for several years as an intelligence and security consultant to the Italian Ministry of Defence
Riccardo Fabiani PhD, North Africa Project Director, International Crisis Group.
Arturo Varvelli PhD, Head of the Rome Office and Senior Policy Fellow for the European Council on Foreign Relations
Oreste Foppiani PhD, is the Associate Professor of International History & Politics at Webster University Geneva, where he chairs the Department of International Relation


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