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MeRIT Workshop 2021 - Megaprojects Research Interdisciplinary Team - THIRD EDITION

A multidisciplinary approach to embrace complexity and sustainability
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Economia, management e imprenditorialità
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Da: 25/11/2021
A: 25/11/2021

Scadenza iscrizioni: 23/11/2021

In the era of massive globalization and extensive technological progress, growing academic attention has been given to the practices related to the management of Large Engineering Projects (LEPs), here intended“as large-scale, complex ventures that typically cost US"1 billion or more, take many years to develop and build, involve multiple public and private stakeholders, are transformational, and impact millions of people”[Flyvbjerg, 2014].

By assuming this point of view, it is safe to say that megaprojects somehow contribute in shaping society' s by addressing its needs and potentially facilitating public conditions in specific matters.

These multi-actor and multi- technology constellations [Lehtinen, Peltokorpi & Artto, 2018] are increasing in both number and magnitude, with the peculiarity of developing their own identity in terms of methodologies, practices, purposes, complexity of stakeholders and overall impact.
Therefore, it is easier and easier to imagine megaprojects as not just traditional projects on a larger scale. [Flyvbjerg, 2014].

To investigate the multiple aspect of LEPs, Authors established the MeRIT (Megaproject Research Interdisciplinary Team) aiming to investigate LEPs from different points of view and with the contribution of different disciplines: engineering, economics, business organization, human resource management, jurisprudence, sociology, sustainability, complexity, etc..

This work represent the first output of this interdisciplinary cooperation between members of MeRIT, aspiring to embrace the intrinsic and unavoidable complexity of Large Engineering Projects

Richiedi informazioni


  • Consultants
  • Students of the faculties of Economics and Engineering
  • Project managers
  • Function / area managers
  • Research fellows, PhD students, researchers, university professors


Joint cooperation with Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Politecnico di Milano Piacenza campuses for developing the maximum of interdiscipliarity needed to address the challenges of Megaprojects


The Scientific Committee intends to encourage the following macro-topics:

  • Megaprojects Management
  • Economics of Megaprojects
  • Sociology of Megaprojects
  • Contract management of Megaprojects
  • Sustainability in Megaprojects
  • Case studies of Megaprojects, such as Transportation, Building, Landscaping, Energy, Aerospace, ITC, Events etc.
  • Risk management
  • Complexity


Opening Address
Prof.Franca Cantoni - Scientific Coordinator of the Program and MeRIT member
Ing. Edoardo Favari - Scientific Coordinator of the Program and MeRIT member, Chairman of the Board of Directors PoliPiacenza

11:00 Institutional welcome

Avv. Elena Baio (Vice Major, Municipality of Piacenza)
Prof. Terry Torre - Vice President ASSIOA (Associazione Italiana Organizzazione Aziendale)
Prof. Maria Cristina Piva - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Prof. Enrico Bellino - Head of the Department of Economics and Social Sciences (DISES)

11.15 Lectio Magistralis - Nuno Gil (Manchester Alliance Business School) - Megaprojects: Why Purpose Matters

In this presentation, Nuno will argue that understanding the reasons as to why capital-intensive projects so-called megaprojects behave the way they do requires seeing their purpose as social artefacts that are designed by people to create economic and social value. A view of megaprojects that accounts for stakeholder value appropriation and thus for the production of social gains, Nuno will claim, matters to understand why slippages in performance targets are the norm, and why that is a lesser problem. Specifically, a wider view of the purpose of megaprojects enables to better manage increasing pressure on megaprojects to consider societal and environmental expectations that go beyond law, and thus to play a role as moral actors as a condition to gain consent. Further, an understanding of the wider purpose of a megaproject gives us a compass to set project organizational boundaries (who is in and who is out), and negotiate who pays what, and who gets what. Nuno will conclude by discussing the profound implications that a wider view of the purpose of a megaproject (why are we doing this?) brings to project management practice.

12.15 - Selected short papers presentation

13.15-14.00 Lunch

14.00 Lectio Magistralis - Marjatta Rannali (Turku University of Applied Sciences)

Mupic-project focused on the success of international virtual project teams. It depends on the size and structure, team leadership and diversity, which may relate to cultural and language factors. In addition, multidisciplinary expertise adds value to innovation and has a positive influence on team performance.

14.45 Presentation of the book Project Management per comuni mortali (italian language)

Ing. Edoardo Favari - Author

Dott.ssa Elisa Facchini- Project Manager Casa Editrice Esculapio

15.15 Farewell


Ing. Edoardo Favari professore a contratto


Registrations are open until 23th November 2021.
Registration is free for all participants
Workshop will be organized on line by Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
For the author(s) of each selected extended abstract there is enrollment fee 50,00 Euro (VAT included) to cover web publication.
Participant who doesn't present paper can join the workshop without paying the enrollment fee.
All participants, presenting an extended abstract or not, are required to fill the online registration form - ** CLICK HERE FOR REGISTRATION

The workshop is delivered on the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform and can be reached at the following link:

The link will be active 15 minutes before the start of the workshop.
To enable access, you need to:

  • use Google Chrome as a browser
  • enable the use of the camera and microphone
    In order to make the most of the quality of the presentations of the speakers, it is recommended to turn off the microphone once logged in.
    The microphone can be activated whenever you want to speak (using the "raise your hand" option).

Consideration for acceptance will be given only to extended abstract in English.
Submitted extended abstract should not exceed the maximum of 5.000 characters on the whole, including references, title, index and taglines.
For each selected extended abstract, the author(s) will be invited to present and discuss the paper during the conference and no cost for participation will be due to the author(s) and for a maximum of an accompanying person.
Selected extended abstract, presented by Authors during the workshop, will be published on a ROUTLEDGE Scientific Journal with ISBN.
» For drafting the extended abstract, please use the template CLICK HERE
Submission deadline: 03.11.2021
To allow the pubblication of the proceedings on time no deadline extensions will be allowed.
Communication of acceptance: 10.11.2021

The extended abstract should be emailed as a PDF file to the following addresses:





Con il patrocinio del COMUNE DI PIACENZA


Scientific Committee: Franca Cantoni, Edoardo Favari, Annamaria Fellegara, Barbara Barabaschi, Giorgio Locatelli, Roberto Maja, Mauro Mancini, Silvia Platoni, Sara Protasoni, Michele Roda, Francesco Timpano, Dario Zaninelli, Francesco Zecchin.

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